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Transforming Delivery Services with BESON


Our collaboration with BESON began with a vital need to modernize their internal operations through the development of mobile and desktop applications. These applications were designed to streamline package tracking, delivery routes, and overall logistics management within the company.

Rebranding Initiative

Prior to commencing work on the applications, it was imperative to undergo a comprehensive rebranding process. The existing design was outdated, prompting BESON management to seek a fresh start. As part of this initiative, I led the redesign efforts, starting with the creation of a new logo. While adhering to the client’s request to retain yellow as the primary color, my focus was on crafting a simple yet distinctive logo that unequivocally conveyed BESON’s identity as a delivery company.

Beson branding

Application Design

Following the successful rebranding, our team embarked on extensive research to inform the design of the mobile and desktop applications. Weeks of meticulous data gathering enabled us to create comprehensive wireframes that served as the blueprint for the development process. With a deep understanding of BESON’s unique requirements, we meticulously crafted desktop and mobile applications tailored to enhance efficiency and productivity within the company.

Beson web design

Acknowledgments <3

I extend my gratitude to the BESON team for their collaboration throughout this transformative journey. Together, we’ve achieved significant milestones in modernizing their operations and enhancing their brand identity. This project stands as a testament to the power of strategic design and innovation in driving positive change.