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Elevating Brand Presence and Marketing Strategy at Try The CBD

Visual design – Email marketing – Label design 


Try The CBD


2019 – 2021


Senior Designer

Try The CBD


At Try The CBD, a prominent CBD company, I played a pivotal role in revitalizing the brand’s image and optimizing its marketing strategies. Working across graphic and web design, alongside marketing coordination, I led initiatives to unify the brand’s visual identity and enhance its online presence.


Upon joining Try The CBD, it was evident that the brand’s visual identity needed alignment, and marketing strategies required enhancement. The website functioned effectively, but its design lacked consistency, undermining the brand’s message.


Beginning with a focus on refreshing product labels, I introduced vibrant colors while retaining the black base, modernizing the brand’s visual appeal. This laid the groundwork for a comprehensive website redesign aimed at simplifying the user experience.

Try The CBD

Website Redesign​

Simplicity was key in the website redesign. By leveraging ample white space, we crafted a minimalist interface that instilled trust and professionalism, fostering brand loyalty through improved usability.

Try The CBD

Content Strategy and Email Marketing​

Central to our marketing efforts was a robust content strategy, particularly within email marketing. Collaborating with the team, we developed engaging email campaigns that resonated with our audience, driving increased engagement and sales.


The collective efforts of the Try The CBD team, supported by strategic design and marketing initiatives, led to tangible results. The refreshed brand identity and streamlined marketing approach resulted in improved brand recognition, increased website traffic, and higher conversion rates.


I am grateful for the collaboration and support of the Try The CBD team throughout this transformative journey.