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Revitalizing the Beobuild Forum


Beobuild enlisted my expertise to revamp their forum and website, necessitating the creation of a responsive platform integrated with a simple CRM system. The objective was to modernize their online presence while maintaining the familiar look and feel of their existing website.

Responsive Design and CRM Integration

Central to the project was the development of a responsive website powered by a user-friendly CRM system. Leveraging a custom-made CMS, I meticulously crafted a modern web portal that seamlessly integrated with Beobuild’s operations. The emphasis was on enhancing user experience and accessibility across devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for all users.

Web design

Consistency in Design

While introducing modern design elements, it was imperative to preserve the cohesive visual identity of Beobuild’s brand. I meticulously maintained consistency in design, ensuring that the new forum and website retained the same familiar look and feel as the existing platform. This approach facilitated a smooth transition for users while offering an updated and enhanced browsing experience.

Forum design

Acknowledgments <3

I extend my gratitude to the Beobuild team for their collaboration and trust throughout the redesign process. Together, we’ve achieved a successful transformation of their online platform, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation in the future.