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Driving Impactful Initiatives with CNZD


During my tenure at the CNZD, I played an integral role in shaping the organization’s digital presence and driving impactful marketing initiatives. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to meaningful causes, we achieved notable successes in advocating for important societal changes.


My journey with the Foundation began with the creation of the “NetPatrola” website, aimed at facilitating the anonymous reporting of unwanted internet content. Inspired by the organization’s mission, I continued my involvement and assumed key responsibilities as the main design and marketing coordinator.

prijava nepozeljnog sadrzaja na internetu net patrola web dizajn

Key Campaigns

One of the most impactful campaigns I spearheaded involved advocating for lifelong imprisonment for the most dangerous perpetrators. This initiative, known as “Doživotno za život” (Lifelong for Life), resulted in a significant legislative change within our country. Additionally, I led efforts to implement an Amber Alert system, a crucial step in enhancing child safety nationwide.


I was also instrumental in the transition from Foundation Tijana Jurić to the Center for Missing and Mistreated Children (CNZD), a strategic move aimed at broadening our reach and impact. This transition required careful planning, including a strategic name change to ensure continuity and maintain our audience base.

cnzd web dizajn

Event Management and Outreach

In addition to driving marketing initiatives, I was actively involved in organizing events such as the “Glas Anđela” music festival and delivering lectures on children’s online safety for International Child Internet Safety Day. These initiatives aimed to raise awareness and foster community engagement on important social issues.

Acknowledgments <3

I am deeply grateful for the collaborative efforts of everyone at the Foundation, whose dedication and passion have driven these impactful initiatives forward. Together, we have made significant strides in creating positive change and promoting a safer, more inclusive society.