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Crafting User-Centric Experiences at Jiway SA

UX research – Wireframing & Prototyping – Design System Creation


Jiway SA


2018 – 2019


UI / UX designer



The Mozaik project was developed to create a user-centric platform for bank employees. As the only UX/UI designer on the team, my role encompassed user research, wireframing, prototyping, and establishing a comprehensive design system.

The primary goal was to address the complex interface issues and improve data management systems, making them more intuitive and efficient for the users.


Simplify and streamline the user interface.

Enhance data management and accessibility.

Improve overall user satisfaction and productivity.


We began with extensive user research. This research revealed critical pain points, such as cumbersome navigation and inefficient data handling. The insights gathered were pivotal in shaping the design direction and prioritizing features based on user needs.

Design Process

Brainstorming and Ideation: The initial phase involved creating simple wireframes to visualize solutions quickly. These wireframes underwent multiple iterations based on user feedback, ensuring that each design phase addressed the users’ needs more accurately.

Prototyping: High-fidelity prototypes were developed, focusing on seamless integration of design and functionality. These prototypes were tested with users to gather feedback and refine the designs iteratively.

Design System: A comprehensive design system was created, detailing fonts, colors, and UI components. This ensured consistency and a cohesive visual experience across the platform.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the significant challenges was designing an intuitive navigation system that could handle complex banking operations without overwhelming the users. To address this, we incorporated guided tutorials and a clear, user-friendly interface, which were well-received during user testing phases.

Design Implementation​

  • User Personas and Journey Maps: Detailed personas and journey maps were developed to keep the user needs at the forefront of the design process.
  • Evolution of Designs: The design evolved from basic wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, reflecting the feedback and improvements made at each stage. Visual elements were carefully crafted to enhance usability and aesthetic appeal.
Mozaik app


The Mozaik project exemplifies the value of thorough research, iterative design, and strategic collaboration in creating user-centric digital solutions. By addressing the specific needs of bank employees, we have developed a platform that enhances productivity and user satisfaction. The foundation laid by this project promises continued innovation and improvement, ensuring that Mozaik will remain a critical tool for its users.

Legacy of Impact

The Mozaik project at Jiway SA underscores the importance of user-centered design. By focusing on user research, iterative design, and consistent implementation, we developed a platform that significantly improves the workflow for bank employees. This project not only enhanced user satisfaction but also set a strong foundation for future enhancements. The collaboration and dedication of the Jiway team have ensured the ongoing success and positive impact of Mozaik.


I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside the dedicated team at Jiway SA, whose collective expertise and commitment to excellence made this project possible.

"You can be proud of work done for us, know it was not easy, and even if you move on other direction than Jiway do not hesitate to give news to us "
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