Try The CBD

Branding and marketing for an amazing CBD company.

My Role

  • Senior Graphic and Web designer
  • Email designer

Short story

Try The CBD is an online shop focused on selling CBD products. As a senior designer, my main focus was on label design for various products, email design for marketing campaigns, and look and feel of our website.

Long story

TTC was a fairly developed brand when I started working for them. Website had all needed functions and it worked really good, however, design was not consistent and there war few types of different design all mashed up together.

My first big task was to “freshen up” the website. My first big task was to “freshen up” labels for all our products. I kept the black base and added other colors to rejuvenate and refresh.

After that, I worked on a website redesign. I tried to keep the website as simple as possible. White space was my biggest ally that allowed me to create a clean and “medical” feel of the website. I implemented much-needed structure and consistency, letting the user create a connection with the brand.

Credits to Try The CBD Team.

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