Web app for financial workers.

My Role

  • User Experiance researcher
  • User Experiance designer
  • User Interface designer

Short story

Mozaik is a web application for bank employees. It allows its user to have a full preview of clients’ bank accounts, insight into clients’ money flow, and much more. Mozaik is a very complex web application that is still a work in progress.

Long story

As a UX/UI specialist in Jiway SA, I had an amazing opportunity to work on Mozaik from scratch. The first few months were reserved for extensive user research, which was not easy having in mind that our clients are bank employees in Luxembourg and France.

Then we shuffled to simple wireframes, testing them, trying to see what works and what not. During that phase, our developers worked on finding the perfect framework that can support our vision.

Once we finished prototyping, it was time to create a design book, where we defined all the fonts, colors, sizes, etc for our system.
As I mentioned, Mozaik is still work in progress, and as I am informed it is doing great. The new team relies much on what my team created during the first year.

Credits to Jiway Team.

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