Hello, my name is Dunja and I am

Graphic and Web artist

What can I do

I like my design clean and simple. I do lots of stuff and here are some of them.

Responsive web design

I gained lots of experience making web sites that are easy to use, nice to eye and friendly for all screen sizes and browsers.

Graphic design

Logo design, book covers, posters, flyers, business cards... icons, illustrations and anything that can cross your mind.

SEO and marketing

Web site search engine optimization, keyword analysis, link building, content writing, social media marketing, blogging, ...


In my free time I like to create anything from nothing, draw mandalas and make dreadlocks and dreadlock accessorizes.

My portfolio

Beson -  Corporate identity
Beson -  Responsive web design

Beson BV - Corporate identity and web design

Beson BV is post service company from Netherlands. For them I did logo redesign, corporate identity design and responsive web design with basic SEO.

eUprava Portal Infographic

eUprava Portal is website with different services offered by Republic of Serbia such as replacement of health cards or driving licenses, making an appointment for new passport or ID card, ... Personel project :) Most of icons by Flaticon

Centerbuild - Gradjevinski projekti i urbane vesti u Kragujevcu i Sumadiji

Centerbuild.info project

Centerbuild.info is informative website about construction projects in Kragujevac and Sumadija. We started this project in cooperation with Beobuild.rs.

Alisa selidbe Beograd

Alisa Selidbe Beograd - SEO and webdesign for moving company

Alisa Selidbe is moving company from Belgrade for who I did redesign of website and search engine optimization.

Pink Sala - Web design

Pink Sala web design

Logo and web design for wedding hall "Pink sala".

Beobuild - Website redesign

Beobuild - Website redesign

Basic SEO and partial redesign of existing website, making it more user friendly.

KOMPAK - Web design

KOMPAK - Web design

I designed this site like fifty times. It had lots of phases, lots of very different design ideas. And at the end, most simplie version won. I must say I am proud. Also, I did some basic SEO, some other graphic design and CMS implementation.

Opeka - Website redesign

Opeka - Website redesign

Redesign of existing website, making it little bit more modern :)

Thai Fazon - Web design

Thai Fazon - Web design

I actually worked at this place for a while :) They have awesome thai food, so they were in need for awesome web presentation. Site is very simple, responsive and I've done some basic SEO.

Total Approach - Website redesign

Total Approach - Website redesign

Small redesign and CMS implementation.

dredovi.org - Web design

dredovi.org - Web design

This was my first Bootstrap site ever, and it's my site dedicated to dreadlocks. I love it and think it's pretty :) I've done all of design and I also make dreadlocks, so if you're up to gimme a call :)!

Endeweb - Website redesign

Endeweb - website redesign

I had a job to make this site responsive. I did it! And also I had to make some things bigger just for the look, I'm not sure that client even noticed that.

BUO glazenwasserij - Website redesign

BUO glazenwasserij - Website redesign

This is a website for window washer in Holland. He already had website, I just made it responsive, changed some crucial design stuff and done some SEO.

Corona Verde - Website redesign

Corona Verde - website redesign

My job was to make it more prettier, but client was not really into all that "pretty design" stuff, so we met somewhere in the middle :)

Midtronics - Website redesign

Midtronics - Website redesign

Small website redesign and CMS implementation.



Prestashop theme custumization.

Cuba Accommodations- Website redesign

Cuba Accommodations - Website redesign

Redesign of existing website. I remember that client was surprised how so little that was changed had such big impact on his clients :)

Josefine Art- Website redesign

Josefine Art - Responsive redesign

I truely loved this website. My job was to make it responsive, but I did some redesign also. This version is not online anymore.

Want to contact me?

Have some questions about my work or want to work with me? Or maybe just want to say "Hi!"? Send me email!

About me

I was born one very cold November day in Novi Sad, Serbia. From an early age I showed tendency toward various branches of art and I often could be seen as just fooling around with some paint by white walls and place dough on the same. After elementary school I decided to enroll for a tailor, dreaming that one day I will sew costumes. Soon I realized that it's not how I imagined, so I decided to find happiness in school for design "Bogdan Suput." Happiness I didn't find, but I've learned what is graphic design, which is almost the same. After high school I moved to Belgrade and start working as freelancer in graphic and web design and dishwasher in fancy restaurant. Years later, here I am still designing but not washing dishes anymore (except home :( ) and always learning new ways to be creative.
By the way, I'm a big fan of dreadlocks, dreadlock stylist and owner of the first Serbian site dedicated to dreadlocks - dredovi.org.








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